Date Published: 13-05-2016

We all need to work in order to pay our bills and support our families, as well as enjoying having cash left over to spend on leisure activity and the finer things in life.

Some jobs, however, have salaries that are above and beyond some of our wildest imaginations and must allow for some pretty lavish spending!

Here’s a selection of some of the highest paid roles we’re recruiting for right now, click on the title to email your CV to the lead consultant:

If you’re a qualified Supply Chain Operations Manager, you could earn £40k per year at a food manufacturing company in Cambridgeshire. You would be responsible for planning vehicle operations, managing schedulestechnology-1283624_1920 V2 and fleets, and ensuring legal compliance.

Another £40k role we have in our database right now is Supply Chain Manager for a leading lighting manufacturer. This is a logistics heavy role that will see you liaising with their factory in Asia, warehousing, procurement and shipping.


At £60,000 per year, a Business Analyst will analyse a business’ practices and implement new, cost effective and practical solutions to everyday problems. There’s a lot of planning, management, research, training and implementation involved in this role, so it’s a big one!


A Mobile & Messaging Manager earns £65k per year, with a healthy bonus package to boot, and is responsible for ensuring systems management of mobile and messaging service, managing change and upgrades to the service, analyse and solve problems, and generally managing the service to ensure a smooth and effective service.


Those with more than 10 years’ experience in IT or Data Management could earn £85k per year as a MDM Consultant. This role is responsible for managing a team of developers, analysing data solutions and technology, writing complex codes, and planning & implementing future technologies.


As a PHP Server Engineer at £85k a year, you will be responsible for developing and engineering the back end of extremely secure servers and web frameworks. They would have to be able to multi-task, switching between various different codes and platforms at any given time.


At a daily rate of £700, a Big Data Manager needs to be able to lead a team of data analysts, scientists and developers in order to explain the data and what it means, to senior managers within the company. At £700 a day, assuming you work 5 days a week, your yearly salary could be almost £200,000!


All of these roles are available through us now, however, if they’re not suitable for you, take a look at our jobs section to find something more suitable!