Date Published: 21-03-2016

Your job is somewhere you spend the vast majority of your time; it’s something you need in order to pay the bills, but chances are that you’re in your chosen career because it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, and something you enjoy doing.


Let’s face it though, every job has its dull and boring parts… the ones below, however, are slightly more unusual!


We found the Top 10 Most Unusual Jobs that you probably didn’t even know existed…


  • Pet Food Taster – Yup, you read that correctly. Humans are actually employed to taste test pet food for safety and quality control purposes before it reaches your little Rover’s bowl! For suffering this ordeal (or not, if you enjoy eating pet food) you’ll be rewarded with a £20,000 a year salary.


  • Golf Ball Diver – Remember every single time you’ve played golf and a ball went swimming? Well by sinking a ball, you’re keeping someone in a job! Golf ball divers collect hundreds if not thousands of balls a day and earn around £25,000 a year for the pleasure.


  • Water Slide Tester – If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you could become a Water Slide Tester, travelling the world to analyse water slides. Of course, there is a lot of paperwork involved that you have to fill in to score things such as “thrill factor” and how big of a splash you can make! Seb Smith in the USA beat 2,000 other applicants to this job in 2013 and earns around £24,000 a year.


  • Lego Sculptor – If you’re a big kid at heart, you could be responsible for helping build massive Lego displays for shops and corporate events. A master builder – just like in the movie – can earn £26,000 a year!


  • The Ravenmaster – Aside from a cool name, The Ravenmaster is responsible for taking care of the seven ravens in The Tower of London. Beware, however, legend has it that if the ravens leave the Tower of London its White Tower will crumble and the Kingdom of England will fall. So basically you’ll be responsible for the fate of this country… is that really worth £21,000 a year?


  • Professional Queuer – Don’t mind standing in long queues playing with your phone for as long as it takes? Well you can earn around £20 an hour queuing in place of other people who don’t have the patience.


  • Snake Milker – If you’re not really worried about the risk of getting poisoned, you could become a snake milker. A snake milker is responsible for extracting venom from venomous snakes, mostly to be used to create antidotes for use in hospitals. This job will get you around £20,000 a year, which doesn’t seem that much considering that some venom is worth up to around £600 a gram…


  • Airport Scarecrow – As big as an aeroplane is, in comparison to a bunch of birds, an aeroplane cannot land if there are birds on the landing strip. This is where you come in… you’ll get a call, drive to the runway and unload a few warning shots so the plane can land.


  • Window Cleaner for The Gherkin – You know the Gherkin in London? Well the owner of the building employs a team of 9 window cleaners who each have a salary of £50,000 a year to clean all 7,429 panes of glass. Definitely not the job for vertigo sufferers!


  • Fortune Cookie Writer – If you really want to confuse people, become a fortune cookie writer. You’ll spend your time coming up with weird, foretelling sentences that actually mean nothing!


Some of these jobs really aren’t for everyone unless of course you’re fine with eating pet food or risking getting poisoned by a venomous snake!


The jobs we recruit for are a lot safer, and saner, I promise! Take a look at our jobs section to find out what we have available: