Date Published: 14-04-2015

Salaries for permanent hires rose at the fastest rate for 6 months last month, according to industry reports. Overall placements continued to increase, level with February’s strong pace.


In addition to healthy placement figures, demand for staff rose to a five-month high, with job vacancies increasing for both permanent and contract roles. In keeping with the strong jobs figures, salaries also grew at their fastest rate in six months, with increases for both permanent and temporary roles.


The survey, sponsored by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG, collects data from recruitment agencies on the number of permanent placements they make each month and their revenues from placing contractors. Their monthly report provides an up to date view of the national employment market.


Almost half of those polled reported an increase in permanent placements, with only 22% of those stating a reduction. Agencies also reported a rise in billing from placing temporary and contract staff, possibly due to an increase in client workloads. Midlands-based agencies experienced the fastest increase in temporary billings.


Candidates for Engineering roles were the most sought after in March for permanent roles, with Finance, Executive, and IT roles also proving popular. For contract/temporary vacancies the most in demand sectors were Nursing/Medical Care, Blue Collar, and Hotel & Catering.


Despite strong hiring figures, it remains a candidate-driven market, with the availability of both permanent and contract staff continuing to fall in March. Those who are placed, however, are experiencing higher salaries. 31% of those polled reported a rise in permanent salaries, against only 5% reporting a decrease. Employers of temporary staff described similar circumstances.