Date Published: 29-03-2017

So you’ve found yourself a new role that’s presumably better and more enjoyable than your previous one and you’re thinking “great, I’m all sorted now. I just need to get on with the new job” but in reality it doesn’t stop there.

There are 3 essential things you should do once you finally land your new role:

  • Update your LinkedIn profile – This is something you need to do right away, as well as turning off the “open to opportunities” notification on your profile. Make sure you effectively leave your old job on LinkedIn, and start your new one so recruiters know that you’ve been hired.
  • Leave the Job Boards – When you’re actively looking for work, there’s a good chance that you’ve uploaded your CV to job boards such as CV Library or Monster but almost everyone completely forgets to de-activate their accounts when they finally switch jobs. Of course after a while your CV will end up getting buried as it’s no longer newly added and at the top of the list, but we’ve all had it where two, even three months in you’re still getting calls because it looks like you’re still looking so make sure you remove your CVs straight away.
  • Thank your hiring manager – This one’s not quite so important but anyone who helped you get your new role whether it’s friends, family or a hiring manager would enjoy a small verbal thank you!

So there you go, a bit of Wednesday Wisdom in the form of advice that you may not have been told before!