Date Published: 25-10-2017

What I am about to say will sound like a strange thing to say.

Nobody grows up with aspirations of being a Recruitment Consultant.  No seriously, no child dreams of spending their days calling clients and candidates to talk about jobs and careers.

As I said this is a strange thing to say, especially bearing in mind it is being said by a Recruitment Agency and this article was written by a Recruiter.

When I was at School I didn’t even know that there was an industry where people helped other people find jobs, and companies find talent which a fee was charged for.  Well I did, but I called it the Job Centre.  I wanted to be a pilot, professional or fighter, I was open to both, but I was going to fly.  My dreams however were shattered when I developed a fear of flying, clearly that was all that would stop me!  Not to worry though as my second choice career was as a vet, I could definitely do that.  Next problem, I developed allergies to many household pets, so working with other people’s pets daily was not an option.  I now needed a new career plan, and like many of the 100,000+ Recruiters in the UK I stumbled across the industry by chance when looking for a job.

Taking stock now and looking back at the last decade though I can hand on heart say I love the industry I fell into and can’t imagine not being a Recruiter.  I’ve fallen into something I turned out to be really good at, that was fun, different everyday (for different read more ups and downs than the big dipper) and financially very rewarding (an important driver to me as it runs out).

So, maybe like me you have missed the boat in the career of you childhood dreams and you are looking to fall into something.  You may have heard about recruitment and now want to know what it’s really about and what should you consider when deciding where to work.  Lets be honest in an industry worth over £35 billion per year with roughly 24,000 recruitment agencies in the UK to pick from it’s understandable you might want some hints and tips.

1) Understand what you’re getting yourself into

It’s vital that you find out everything you can about a career in recruitment before you immerse yourself in it. Recruitment isn’t just matching candidates to jobs… it’s a pressurised sales position with targets to hit and deadlines to meet.

Thankfully there are loads of sources of great information online these days that contain some really good explanations of what recruitment is, and the skills you’ll need to be successful. However, for all of the information online, nothing will replace first-hand experience from somebody who works in the industry who can tell you what it’s really like.

2) Identify your goals

Recruitment is hard. The good days are great, but the bad days can be terrible. You need to be driven and resilient to succeed, and keep your focus on your goals. There will be setbacks, and how you respond to them is critical to your success. You need to understand and truly want to achieve what you’re aiming for to have any chance of making it through to the other side when the easiest option would be to quit.

To be successful in getting a role as a Recruitment Consultant you will need to show that you have clear goals, and that you are motivated to achieve them.

3) Get ‘Salesy’

Ideally you should get some sales experience before embarking on a career in recruitment. Whilst it is possible to get into recruitment without sales experience, it does make it easier. The ability to demonstrate a track record in selling, whilst working in a target-driven environment will give you an advantage over candidates that don’t have any sales experience. And it’s an even bigger advantage if you have experience selling over the phone.

4) Stand out from the crowd

When applying, remember you are applying to a recruitment professional who has probably seen tens of thousands of CVs in their time. To be a good Consultant you will have to stand out from your competition, so take your first opportunity to stand our by writing a killer CV and covering letter to impress the recruitment agency you’re applying to. The ability to write a good profile and structure a CV well are important skills to have as a Recruitment Consultant, so be sure to prove you have this skill when applying.

5) Be pro-active

Don’t just send your CV across and wait for a response – call the consultant advertising the role in order to sell yourself and back up your application. Again, this is a core part of being a Recruitment Consultant so if you do this well at such an early stage, you should almost be guaranteed an interview. This is a great way of getting ahead of other applicants.

6) Find an advocate

If you are serious about a role in recruitment, you’ve likely identified a few local agencies you’d be interested in working for. If you haven’t, then you need to do this. Don’t be afraid of finding and messaging a couple of junior Recruitment Consultants on LinkedIn to ask how they got their role, and if there’s anything they would advise you to do to make your application stand out. Having someone who already works for the agency you’re applying to help you could make a big difference to your application.

If you do the above 6 things, you will significantly increase your chances of being one of the 0.3% of people in the UK who work in the wonderful world of recruitment!

Whether you identify with this story and are already an experience recruitment consultant, or a career in recruitment sounds like it’s for you, we’re always on the lookout for talent so take a look at our Work With us website:

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