Date Published: 13-12-2017

The festive season is upon us – It’s that time when we deck the halls with bells and holly whilst also planning the Christmas party to end all Christmas parties. Love it or hate it, the party is happening, accept it and get on-board the inevitable eggnog laden sleigh. The Christmas party can and should be an enjoyable night, it’s your chance to get together with colleagues and celebrate the year. Here at Cooper Lomaz we say all you need is a plan, so stop with the lame excuses and take a look at our guide on how to survive your work Christmas party!

1) Talk to people – Every office has that one person who doesn’t really open up or talk to many people at work but you never know; you may have something in common and have a new lunch buddy!

2) Have a little drink – Less is more! Of course, you don’t need to drink alcohol to have fun but it is Christmas and even the most ardent none drinkers will have a sherry, so why not join them? Alcohol however is a ‘social lubricant’ and will give an inflated sense of confidence. A couple of gins will always help you loosen up and enjoy the occasion, just remember less is more!

3) Never take point 2 for granted – Remember that heightened sense of confidence we mentioned. Always respect that and never take it for granted – honestly the first Monday after the party will feel very different if you do!

4) Get to know your boss – It’s possible that you don’t really get the opportunity to talk to your boss about non-work related things whilst you’re in the office. The Christmas party is a great time to remedy this, they are human too, and you never know you might have something in common.

5) Avoid your boss if drunk – The worst time to talk to your boss is if you’re a bit inebriated (remember point 2). If you don’t talk during work time, do you really want your first interaction to be when you are on the wrong side of the Merry Christmas spirit?!

6) Enjoy it! – Arguably the most important point is to have fun and enjoy yourself; it’s a great way to round off the year!

If things do get away from you, then don’t worry about it, there are 365 days until the next one!