Date Published: 20-02-2019

Today saw the inaugural Cooper Lomaz Recruitment lunchtime Well-being Walk in Bury St Edmunds.


Adrienne Howlett, Lauren Hardwick, Jess Ward, Hannah Steadman, Vicki Coombs, Katie Bridges, Denva Bradford, Kieran Ashton, Justine Chapple and Emma O’Brien went on a tour of Bury St Edmunds in idyllic weather to kick start the first of many lunchtime Well-being Walks. As a team we walked 4km which took us through the historic market town taking in the views of the Abbey Gardens and along the river Lark, past the very popular Greene King Brewery and back into town past the Cathedral.


As a group we had so much fun and come back to the office refreshed and ready to take the afternoon on.


2019 saw the launch of the Cooper Lomaz Recruitment Health & Well-being project and new Health & Well-being initiatives. Cooper Lomaz offer all employees the opportunity to take an hour and a half for lunch twice a week to spend time on anything that has a positive impact on their Health and Well-being. One initiative was a Lunchtime Well-being Walk and it was great to have 11 people signed up to our first walk today.