Date Published: 02-05-2018

Using a recruitment agency can be a cost effective method and efficient way to recruit, providing you are getting the most from your agency.

The time taken to recruit candidates can be costly, if not a time-consuming process for businesses, one that may use up significant resources that you just don’t have available.

Results from our Salary Survey demonstrate there has been an increase in the use of recruitment agencies from those looking for their next job. Nearly half (47%) used an agency in 2017 to find their current job – this sees an increase from 42.1% in 2016.

Employers are now seeking those individuals to drive their business forward. Internal departments including Human Resources now face the critical task in identifying and hiring individuals who are suitable, not only for the role they are looking to recruit but also to fit the culture of the organisation.

With skills shortages increasing amongst certain sectors and the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, employers are now discovering the value of higher talent and it is becoming ever more difficult to compete for skilled candidates.

Many employers now, are turning to specialist support when looking at their hiring strategy.
Using an expert recruitment consultancy can not only relieve the pressure from identifying and attracting the right candidates but it can cut out the middle man of negotiating terms and contract conditions.

Looking at this approach allows businesses to discover the right professionals, in order to bring them to interview and secure them within budget and a timeframe.

Tell me more about these benefits, we hear you ask – well here are some further advantages in getting those highly sort after candidates


‘In the know’

Knowing each of our consultants has their own specialist field provides confidence when providing staffing solutions for industry sectors e.g. Engineering, Technology and Finance and Accounting.
As a result, our teams have significant expertise and job market insight along with local knowledge which can be shared with our clients when planning their recruitment strategy.
Because of this, our consultants appreciate the client needs and candidate expectations, allowing for educated and in-depth decision making.

Getting the ‘right’ candidate

Cooper Lomaz work closely with our clients who are seeking new talent and also our candidates who are looking for the next step in progressing and pursing new career opportunities.

Having been established for nearly 30 years , our specialist teams of consultants have the knowledge and experience, resulting in a complete understanding of recruitment in your area, and access to a talent pool of candidates.
Understanding the needs, requirements and goals of our clients is vital to identify talented individuals that are right to fit the position.


Screening process

Another benefit of using an expert consultancy is the ability to screen candidates upon selection, saving time and resources.
We are able to identify potential candidates and get to know their reasons for leaving their present role and what they are looking for in their next role, this allows us to present the best candidates, this means you only get candidates who fit what you only get candidates who fit what you are looking for and are serious about their next move.


And the final part, salary

So you have gone through the recruitment process without using an agency and found the ideal candidate and a job offer has been made… great! Only to find that both parties are worlds apart on salary expectation and benefits.
Recruiters can help you benchmark against remuneration and other businesses of the same sector, such as our Salary Survey, providing industry insight on current trends within the area.
Consultants placing skilled candidates and negotiating salaries within the recruitment process, can allow for both parties to agree on a mutual outcome and there will be no surprises along the way.
When both parties’ expectations are managed from the beginning, this guarantees a realistic outcome.

Using our services is beneficial to identify the skills and experience you need allowing your staff to freeing up resources within your business to push your organisation forward.


It can be the greatest path to access a network of highly skilled candidates, including those who are currently not actively seeking for new employment. Having access to a number of tools and networks allows for our teams to find high profiled candidates that may be hidden.

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