Date Published: 09-10-2017

Let’s face the facts: Most offices are boring. Desks. Phones. Computers. Chairs. Kitchen in the corner.

Offices are generally designed with the basics and things you need to do your job so we wanted to do some upgrades and make ours a little different.

Back at the end of the 2nd Quarter, we ran a staff engagement survey to say that we wanted to improve our offices and we asked our staff what they wanted, so we listened and we did it.

We’ve given them breakout areas which have pool tables, seating areas for lunch and relaxing, fully stocked beer fridges, dart boards and Smart TVs, to add a little bit of fun!

Staff engagement is incredibly important to us so we wanted to give them something that they wanted, to bring a little light into what can be a challenging job at times.

Want to work in a cool office like this? Well we’re hiring! Take a look at our Work With Us website to view our jobs and apply: