Why are contractors in demand?

Published date: August 10, 2020

Companies usually employ contractors for a short period to add value to projects as a result of their specialisms.

Moreover, new business can’t be turned down because teams are one or two people down and this is where contractors come in to supplement your workforce, either in number or in skills.


From the beginning of lockdown, the number of people on furlough and the ones who have been made redundant has increased massively.

Therefore, temporary workers have been vital to keeping companies operational and we may see a significant increase in this flexible solution.


According to recent conversations with our clients, many of them have found contractors to be more productive than permanent staff working remotely. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that full-time employees work usually from the office while most contractors have been working remotely for their whole career, a significant advantage for working within the ‘new normal’.


This situation caused by lockdown and a work from home policy implemented almost overnight inevitably may have had a negative effect on regular employees’ focus and impacted productivity, considering that people had to deal with many other stresses at this time. 


The challenge of home isolation, family interruptions during working hours, the lack of the right equipment, poor ergonomics, missing the team environment and social opportunities will have no doubts had an effect on individual successes, motivation and wellbeing.  


While it may not be difficult to identify and resource temporary workers, according to a recent Deloitte report, 23% of businesses haven’t got a defined and standard process in place for recruiting and managing them.


At Cooper Lomaz we have been recruiting contractors for the past 30 years in Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Food Manufacturing and IT & Digital Technology; therefore, we have a strong network of high skilled professionals.

We provide expertise and considerable experience in the area and are able to resource, engage and manage the full process for you, whether your need is for an individual specialist or a fully managed project team.