Division: Food & Drink Manufacturing


About Hain Daniels

The Hain Daniels Group has the vision to make it easier for everyone to lead a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

As one of the UK’s leading food companies, they employ around 2,800 people across 12 locations within chilled, frozen and ambient food and drink categories.

The company manufactures several well-known brands including many of the UK’s favourite jams, marmalades, jellies and fruit fillings.


What did they need?

Senior Operations Manager, Phil Tetley, was a recent addition to the Histon arm of the company but had previously worked with Cooper Lomaz before his appointment. Following a period of change within the business, they had a wide variety of roles than needed filling and as a large manufacturing company, they were already working with some other agencies. 

Our previously relationship with the client, as well as internal recommendations, led the company to approach us to support them with their recruitment needs.

What did we do?

We met with Phil and several other managers on-site in Histon to fully understand their individual and collective requirements. In addition to this, we worked with them to create profiles for the roles they were recruiting for. Having worked with the company previously, we already knew the Hain Daniels group and their culture which helped in sourcing potential employees. 

We fully briefed candidates before each interview and gathered feedback which was passed back to the client. We successfully placed a manager into the business and handled the full offer process. By delivering a streamlined process, both Hains Daniels and the candidate received a stress-free experience which fell within agreed timeframes.

What they said…

"Having worked with Cooper Lomaz in two previous companies (Pepsico and Konings), it was reassuring to continue the working relationship at Hain Daniels Group.

They work incredibly hard to understand the businesses they are working with, and this enables the choice of candidates to match the brief and limits the amount of sorting that we have to do on-site.

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